Michael Hart

TRT Pro Yoyo Team Member

Michael started yoyoing 9 years ago, in 2014. He was inspired to learn yoyo by an episode of GMM (Good Mythical Morning) that showcased modern unresponsive yoyo ft. Zack Gormley. He was immediately hooked! 5 years later, Michael submitted a yoyo trick clip for their "Spin the Wheel of Mythicality" segment and got picked for episode #1758. 

Michael primarily plays 1a, also dabbling in 5a for "5a May" each year! Yoyo shape preferences include: organic, v shape and slimline yoyos. Michael loves learning and sharing new tricks, although he is not a competitive player. He particularly enjoys tech and flowy combos. 

Prior to TRT, Michael was on the now defunct Throwing Sideways Yoyo Team up until they closed up shop. He lives in Southeastern PA, with his Wife and two dogs. Michael's motto in life is simple, “Do What's Fun.” Besides yoyoing, he loves playing D&D and frequenting craft breweries. A former vocalist of a signed Metal band, he currently works in the coffee industry.

You can find Michael on Instagram (@DoWhatsFun) and Youtube (@ThrowLab).

Grant Nichols

TRT Pro Yoyo Team Member

Grant found yoyoing with a lot of us during the boom in 1998.  He kept playing strong through about 2003, earning a sponsorship from a now defunct yoyo retailer back in 2000 and placing 2nd at SER 2001.  College took priority beginning in 2004, but he still attended Worlds almost every year until 2010.  After a nine year break, in 2019 Grant has reignited his passion for both throwing and collecting yoyos!  He placed 2nd at Sean Perez's Freestyle Competition (his first competition in 12 years)!  Most recently, Grant placed 3rd in the Responsive division at the 2022 Florida State Yoyo Contest.

David Chapman

TRT Pro Yoyo Team Member

David started yoyoing at 4.  On a trip to Disney he saw another kid his age yoyoing and got hooked!  He's helped organize and participated in the modern Orlando yoyo scene since 2010.  Over the years, David has promoted yoyo as a mentor to others and helped organize and participate in charity events. As a professional competitor, David placed 8th in 1a finals at SER 2018. He says he has seen more yoyos in his life than he can remember!  "Old school all the way!"  David recently placed 3rd at the Feet on Fire Freestyle Competition!  Find David on Instagram @davidyoyoman

Jessica Turner

Owner/ CFO

Jess is the cornerstone of TRT!  She is a fulltime healthcare professional and handles all of our accounting, logistics, and marketing.  She enjoys a little modern responsive yoyo play, plants, and cats!

Bruce Turner


Audio/Visual Systems Engineer by day and Yoyo Design Engineer by night!  Bruce has had a lifelong affair with yoyo, he particularly enjoys modern responsive (0a) and unresponsive (1a) play.  Although you may see him doing a little bit of everything when it comes to yoyo styles.  "Variety is the spice of life and it's never too late to learn more!"  Find him on Instagram @iwasthebruce